Great for a "grab and go" item to keep in your bag. Fits basic necessities such as cell phone, cash/cards and keys.

Also perfect for feminine needs.


The cutest handbag you will ever carry.


Maris Rae framed clutches are perfect for a special event, dinner or an evening out.

XL Tote/Diaper bag

Makes a great shopper tote or stealth diaper bag. Interior pockets fit bottles, sippies, powder...or your travel coffee mug. And of course your chapstick, pens and cell phone. Basically, this bag fits everything but the kitchen sink.


This size has ample room for most everyone's needs.

A sturdy tote style bag. It stands on its own and will not sag or droop.


Just enought room. Not huge, not tiny. 

A sturdy tote style bag. It stands on its own and will not sag or droop.

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